Every day, on every job, Central Site Development takes necessary steps to protect workers and assure peace of mind to its clients. Safety and health will only be achieved through teamwork, education and leadership.

In addition to Daily on-site safety meetings, regular training and certification classes, we have a consistent implementation of procedures and behavioral observations to reinforce Central Site Development’s commitment to keeping our jobsite’s safe.  The safety and health of every employee, our clients and the traveling public is our highest priority.

Employees are our greatest asset.  That’s why Safety is so important to our daily operations.

November, 2017 Safety Award – Ocoee City Center

THANK YOU to our hard working and safe crew at Ocoee City Center.

  • David Bond
  • Derrick Wright
  • Francis Fermin
  • Brendan Kerber
  • Paul Ross
  • Jeramey Rittenhouse
  • Johnny Mercer
  • Troy Hall
  • Victor Ayala

October, 2017 Safety Award – Lenox at Bloomingdale

THANK YOU to our hard working and safe crew at Lenox.

  • Caleb Brian
  • Justin Nobles

September, 2017 Safety Award – Timber Oaks

Outstanding Safe Working Environment – Outstanding Crew Below:

  • Josh Nichols
  • Davin McDonald
  • Steven Grier
  • Dontavious Hamilton
  • Kevin Smith

August, 2017 Safety Award – Promenade at Palmer Ranch

Outstanding Safe Working Environment – Outstanding Crew Below:

  • Daniel Bass
  • Jayson Cain
  • Carlos L Buitrago
  • Ramon Hemphill
  • Phillip Richardson
  • Denna R Avella
  • Jack Gause
  • Joseph Saint Famon

July, 2017 Safety Award – Ashton Cove

THANK YOU to our hard working and safe crew at Ashton Cove.

  • Garret Smith
  • Todd Urich
  • Jeff Shank
  • Tony S Stuart
  • Levonne R Holliday

June, 2017 Safety Award – Shingle Creek

Outstanding Safe Working Environment – Outstanding Crew Below:

  • Harold McElroy
  • James Parker Kaigler
  • Eric Y. Borrero
  • Fred McNeal

May, 2017 Safety Award – Havana Square

A great Big THANK YOU to our hard working – safe crew at Havana Square.

  • Joshua Ray
  • Keith Scott
  • Luis Arbona
  • Darius Rush
  • Tabbiean Bellaway
  • Jose Castro

April, 2017 Safety Award – Top Golf Orlando

Great Job at Top Golf this month – You are a valuable/hard working team!

  • John “Jack” Crawford
  • Randy Phillips
  • Paul Ross
  • William “David” Bond
  • Pedro Gonzalez
  • Jamal Long
  • Christian Hernandez
  • Jose Ramirez
  • Armand Forget
  • Arthur Wirsing
  • Anthony Powell
  • Leon Grimes
  • Jonathan Carrion
  • Frankie Cruz Rivera
  • Victor Morales
  • David Harden
  • Jhon Rivas
  • Robert Solone

March, 2017 Safety Award – Bainbridge Casselberry

Our March 2017 Safety Award goes out to the crew at BainBridge Casselberry.

  • Sean Scarbo
  • Michael Letchworth
  • Tom Selvester
  • Charles “Tony” Beavers
  • Reggie Ferguson
  • Kironda Jordan
  • Cornelius WIlliams
  • Manuel Valerio
  • Misael Perez
  • Pedro Estrada
  • Douglas Mugruder
  • Zeimar Sanchez
  • Rob Sensibaugh
  • Thomas Gielow

February, 2017 Safety Award – Trevesta

Proud of our crew! Names of crew awarded February 2017 Safety Award:

  • Jean Martinez
  • Brian Lamar
  • Jose Rosario
  • Jose Perez
  • Elvin Feliciano
  • Ruben Santiago

January, 2017 Safety Award – Laurel Highlands

We are very proud of this team’s continual effort to have a safe jobsite. Congratulations on being the recipient of our first ever Safety Award – keep up the good work!

  • Tim Mincey
  • Brian Freeman
  • Charles Teems
  • Charles Walker
  • Luis Piedra
  • Eric McClellan
  • Steven Bellovich
  • Alexis Villagomez
  • Rafael Villagomez
  • William Fleming
  • Mark Turner
  • David Strickland
  • Coy Slocumb