Asphalt and concrete are only as good as its foundation, which is why we are so proud of the quality work our earthwork crews provide including excavating, mass grading, and fine grading.  No matter the problem or need, we have the resources, solution and personal service required to deliver a quality product.

Grading, excavating, and earthwork are essential to the success of the project. Our comprehensive approach takes into account all facets of the project – from pre-planning to equipment mobilization, environmental protection to ensuring the safety of our people, the public and the job site.


Our excavation and grading team builds ponds and lakes with precision and expertise. They are also a cut above the competition when it comes to making the appropriate grades. With several trucks delivering materials daily, they work swiftly to get everything in place for the next team, making sure to sweep appropriate areas if necessary to maintain a clean job site.

Mass Grading

Mass Grading is one of the first steps in the construction process and is the base plate for the entire project as we are moving earth and soils in order to create a solid base foundation for a building or structure.

Clearing & Grubbing

Central Site Development specializes in providing a skilled team for each portion of the job site. Our Clearing, Grubbing, and Burning team works on raw land development. They specialize in the beginning of the development phase by getting the land surveyed, installing the silt fence, and clearing the land. Then they finish off by safely burning on site and preparing for the import of material. To save time, this team works quickly to allow the excavation and grading team to begin on one section while they move to another.


With superior project management and innovative excavation techniques implemented, we have built a company-wide mentality to move the most earth in the most effective and cost efficient manner possible. Central Site utilizes the most modern and up-to date equipment available, which yields higher production and less downtime. Our expertise in utilizing faster and more productive machinery drives the project schedule and minimizes delays for contractors who may be following us. With thorough planning and experienced, professional field personnel, CSD sets the pace on every project we perform.


The utility construction phase involves setting in place all the underground utilities for the infrastructure and future operation of a project. Central Site Development’s crews trench and install pipe for the uncompromised flow of water, storm drainage, sewer service, force main and fire protection. Our crews are experienced with the challenges of ground water that can only be found in Florida.

Sanitary Sewer

Central Site Development installs complete sewer systems within several different climates and conditions. Due to the sensitive nature of installing properly, we use our own equipment to TV the lines and ensure our work is of the utmost quality. Because of this extra step, we are able to ensure inspections are approved and do not slow production.

With experience in residential and commercial development, our pipe crews are able to work well with different types of pipe and are sure to bid the job with the appropriate materials.

Storm Drainage

Concrete storm drain systems are a vital aspect of wastewater management and aid in protecting communities and infrastructure against flooding. Central Site Development is proud to provide exceptional care in making sure our work can withstand the demands of our clients as well as benefit the safety of our local communities.

Fire Lines

Fire Line installation is the first line of defense against fires, these systems are essential to public safety and must be fully operational and free of defect without compromise  Fire line pipeline must be tested at the correct pressure and thoroughly flushed to eliminate debris, which is hazardous to the fire sprinklers. Once pressure tests are passed, the fire line trenches are then backfilled and compacted according to code and special requirements.

Single family residential systems rely on water mains and fire hydrants to supply protection services, while commercial systems require a matrix of advanced fire line with fire department connections and other underground installation systems for fire suppression to ensure safety and preservation.

Reclaimed Water

We provide the utilities for Wastewater to be treated and filtered for reuse – This treatment process eliminates harmful byproducts while retaining beneficial elements, such as nitrogen and phosphorus that are useful as fertilizer when reclaimed water is used for irrigating landscapes.

Our crews have the expertise to make sure the reclaim systems are installed per specifications.


We meet the rising demand for roads and infrastructure from pre-planning to complete construction. Sensitivity to the needs of the traveling public and a commitment to advancing the schedule have allowed us to partner successfully with developers and local, county and state agencies.
FDOT Certified
We are FDOT Certified


The finishing touches include asphalt paving and Concrete sidewalks which provide avenues for pedestrian traffic. Road signage and traffic striping then set the stage for vehicular traffic for both residential and commercial use.

Our comprehensive quality assurance program ensures that all products are frequently tested to ensure compliance with local, state and federal requirements, delivering a quality project that meets deadlines while always adhering to our high standards for safety. FDOT Certified Contractor.


Our crews have been trained to safely handle the Maintenance of traffic, providing work zone related transportation management and temporary traffic control on streets and highways within the State of Florida’s Highway System right-of-way.


CSD combines experienced project leaders and hard-working crews with precise equipment to consistently deliver superior concrete services to customers in public and private sectors.